Everything old is new again.

SilverFirst Inc is bringing back an old school marketing strategy and it’s getting us noticed by major brands around the country. Forget the latest and greatest technology; the real edge is in creating an experience. In a world that’s so inundated with media noise, not even the flashiest or most ‘shocking’ advertisement stands out anymore. When is the last time you watched a commercial and felt compelled to make a purchase?

Here in The Big Easy, we’re throwing it back to when our great city was founded, back in 1718. We recognize that bonds are not built overnight; and that loyalty doesn’t result from the flash of an ad. At SilverFirst Inc, in the beautiful city of La Nouvelle-Orléans, we believe that relationships are based upon communication. They’re about eye contact, an in-person connection, and authenticity. Our clients hire us to create real value; to initiate an ongoing exchange between their brands and their customers.

We're going places

SilverFirst Inc opened in New Orleans with a splash. After signing a contract with the largest communications company in the United States, we have quickly become one of the fastest growing direct marketing firms in the Southeast. We are a privately owned company and are proud to represent some of the most recognizable names in the telecommunications industry.

Join the team

Our Metairie firm is in a high growth phase, thanks to an increasing demand for our services in the Southeastern market. This only means one thing: more opportunity! We are excited to be hiring and are expecting big things in the coming year.
Thanks to a caring management team and proven training techniques, here are a few things that make our company’s career opportunities unique.

Mentoring the Future

We’ve all been ‘the new guy’ before! To ensure a smooth transition into your new role, you’ll be assigned an experienced mentor on your first day of work. This person will serve as your personal coach, go-to person, accountability partner, and before you know it, he or she will likely be your new best friend. Our team-oriented environment is what makes SilverFirst Inc so unique!

A Path to Success

Everyone wants success in life; yet, not everyone achieves it. In many fields, an unclear career path can hinder a vision from becoming a reality. Here at SilverFirst Inc we have chosen to provide a clear step-by-step path for growth. From simple training methods to a precise advancement plan, the opportunity to be successful ultimately lies in the hands of the individual.

Leadership by Example

Have you ever experienced the ‘pot calling the kettle black’? The worst. At SilverFirst Inc, every senior level manager and executive has been in your shoes. Your superiors will never expect you to do something that they have not, or will not, do themselves. This not only improves morale across the board, but allows management to keep a pulse on the team’s performance.

Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen.

Wayne Huizenga

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